IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Misplaced attributes

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Misplaced attributes

RE: IPP> Misplaced attributes

From: Mike Bartman (bartman@process.com)
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 18:23:35 EST

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    > From: Zehler, Peter [mailto:PZehler@crt.xerox.com]

    > The client
    > also supplies the job template attribute "sides" with a value of
    > 'two-sided-long-edge'.

    I can't comment on your question, but it did make me wonder about another
    one related to the SIDES attribute: does the "long edge" change between
    "portrait" orientation and "landscape"? Or is the keyword name assuming
    "portrait" orientation regardless of what the actual orientation of the
    particular job is? That is, is "portrait/two-sided-long-edge" the same as
    "landscape/two-sided-short-edge"...i.e. "head-to-head", or are
    "portrait/two-sided-long-edge" and "landscape/two-sided-long-edge" both
    going to get me "head-to-head" outputs?

    It it's the later, then the keywords are named poorly (I know it's a bit
    late to comment on that). Perhaps "head-to-head" and "head-to-foot" or
    "tumbled" might have been better. If it's the former, then the names are
    fine as-is. I need to know to create the documentation for our IPP 1.0
    client implementation.

    I'd just try this to see, but my IPP printer can't do two-sided at all, and
    the answer wouldn't be definitive...perhaps the server implementor got it
    wrong...other things have been with that implementation (though it's
    improving over time).

    Thank you for your time on this.

    -- Mike Bartman
       Process Software

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