IPP Mail Archive: IPP> User Authentification

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> User Authentification

IPP> User Authentification

From: lloyd.kauapundu@materna.de
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 08:13:00 EDT

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    I am planning to implement an IPP-Server, and I want to be able to control
    the users who may have access to the server. How can I do this? I know that
    there is a required attribute "requesting-user-name"; but this seems to be
    inefficient. Most IPP-clients do provide a user with the possibility to
    provide his/her name. Instead, the "requesting-user-name" is the name of the
    person who has logged on the computer. Are there other ways and means to
    implement user authorization and authentification?

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