IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> global media; comment on yesterda

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> global media; comment on yesterda

RE: IPP> global media; comment on yesterday's proposal [put units field last]

From: Mark VanderWiele (markv@us.ibm.com)
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 12:35:38 EDT

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    The problem is that media is really a collection of attributes and the
    correct way to handle it is to return the collection. Yes, the long string
    is ugly and probably problematic to parse. So, I would prefer returning
    an XML collection including a shortname. The XML collection should contain
    of the relevant info (size, printable area, color, double ply, ...).

    The problem with your suggestion is that (A4, letter, ...) are not unique
    for additional queries or selection. It is also missing important info
    such as this form is only available in the manual tray. Yes, we could do
    a long series of additional queries to drill down (Ok, I want letter, tell
    me what colors are available, Ok I want blue, tell me what trays it is
    available in, woooops it's only available in the manual tray. OK, tell me
    again what colors are available for letter, OK, I want pink, tell me
    what tray it is available in, wooops again. The reality is, to make
    sense of this data it must be returned as a collection or I must do a
    multitude of queries to build the collection. To date, I have not found a
    protocol that correctly implements the queries so that the constraints
    between choices can be accurately represented. Also, the long sequence of
    queries have proved to make usage extremely slow.

    Rather than risk that protocols using this spec get it wrong again. We
    should just define the collection and move on.

    I laughed at don's TP example since even after he have me the long string
    of attributes he forgot to tell me what wall the paper was on. So, he
    didn't get any paper or he got the default tray which has sandpaper.

    Mark VanderWiele
    IBM, Linux Technology Center
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    Subject: RE: IPP> global media; comment on yesterday's proposal [put units
               field last]

    I know I havent contributed much lately and apologize if I am rehashing
    arguments that have already been covered.

    Why does the name have to include the size - my name doesnt include my
    number, if somebody needs my phone number they look it up using my name as
    'key'. Surely the correct solution is to allow a device to assign any name
    likes to media (probably choosing well known ones for its market, B3,
    ....). If the client app /driver needs to know the physical size then all
    is needed is an operation to query the paper size, the response must
    include the
    units. Likewise the app more than likely needs to know the markable area -
    should be provided with a mechanism for asking for that information.
    if you need to know the color, thickness, manufacturer, weight,
    date of purchase, etc. there should be queriable attributes to read these
    things; lest we end up with don's


    Which tells you everything except the markable area and the manufacturer

    If a device has more that one A4 available (say), then it can invent names
    them (or even be operator assigned). To support this case there should also
    be a
    'standard name' attribute that can be queried - this would return A4,

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