IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Canadian Media Sizes

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Canadian Media Sizes

IPP> Canadian Media Sizes

From: Herriot, Robert (Robert.Herriot@pahv.xerox.com)
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 15:54:04 EDT

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    I just did some research about paper sizes in Canada. I called Kinkos in
    Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, and a local print shop in Vancouver. I was
    told by each that the standard papers were "letter, legal and ledger".
    Sometimes the person voluntarily gave the dimensions in English units. Other
    times I had to ask for dimensions and was always given the dimensions in
    English units. When I asked for metric sizes, I got comments like "Oooh, I
    don't know" or "I'll have to check". The answer was "216x279mm", which are
    the English dimensions rounded up. One person used a ruler and said it was
    "22x28cm". When I ask for A4, I was uniformly told that they don't have it
    and its rare in Canada. It is clear that Canada has not converted to metric
    for paper size. I have learned in previous visits that they still us English
    sizes for drywall and copper pipes.

    When I emailed a Canadian who was born after Canada converted to metric, I
    got a reply that the paper in the University printer was "216x279mm and in
    inches too", but he didn't specify the inch size.

    Bob Herriot

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