IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Media Standardized Names, version D0.

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Media Standardized Names, version D0.

IPP> Media Standardized Names, version D0.9 is now available

From: Bergman, Ron (Ron.Bergman@Hitachi-hkis.com)
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 11:57:31 EDT

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    The documents can be found at:

    ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/media-sizes/pwg-media-09.pdf (.doc)

    To view the changes see:

    ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/media-sizes/pwg-media-09-rev.pdf (.doc)

    I am sure that there are still many open issues. I don't know if I fully
    followed all the proposals, counter proposal, counter-counter proposals,
    etc. etc. etc. But I tried to capture what was reasonable and seemed to
    have strong support. (For some reason it feels like each version of this
    document gets further away from completion rather than closer.)

    Some thoughts and comments on this version:

    1. I reviewed the Introduction and Scope sections with respect to our recent
    requirements exercise and all appear to be covered without any changes.

    2. I did not add or remove any Media Type Names, but did add a paragraph to
    clarify that one-sided or two-sided was an attribute that is independent of
    the defined names and it is up to the implementation to provide this

    3. In looking at Tom's suggestion for discussing the relationship between
    the Media Type Names and the IPP Production Printing Attributes, it appears
    this is more than just a simple reference. If this type of information is
    needed in the document, a new appendix is the proper way to present. This
    issue needs review and discussion by the group.

    4. I did not see any strong consensus on the Media Size Name ABNF so I did
    the best I could here. I am sure there will be some disagreement on this
    issue. I kept the custom feature as a separate section and ABNF, since it
    has some unique properties that don't integrate well with the standard ABNF.

    5. A separate ABNF was added to define the class name.

    6. Some new text was added to define the purpose of the Media Size Name ABNF
    and some hints for parsers to account for the fact that new class names may
    be added in the future.

    7. A new paragraph for conformance to the Media Size Name was added in
    section 6 (conformance).

    8. A new section was added to define, in boring detail, the registration

    9. A new appendix (B) was added to instruct implementors how to properly
    write a parser that conforms to this standard.

    10. I was not sure if there was an agreement to change "Media Size Self
    Describing Name" to just "Media Size Name". I propose this as an issue.

    11. It seems that we have spent considerable time on descriptive and
    background information, such as the ABNF and parser configurations, but very
    little time on the original content, i.e. the Media Size Names. I suggest
    that everyone do a real review of these names to be sure that we are not
    missing any that are needed and that the names are as desired. I originally
    added the prefix (now class) "na" to all the inch sizes and these should be
    reviewed. Only one inch size has a different class (asme). Also, table 6
    (Chinese sizes) and table 7 (other metric) should be reviewed very
    carefully. I had one correction in the last version of the document that
    added the "roc" prefix. Do we need any others?

    So now... "Let the Flames begin!"

            Ron Bergman
            Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions

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