IPP Mail Archive: IPP> RE: how to understand "impressio

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> RE: how to understand "impressio

IPP> RE: how to understand "impression"

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 13:18:36 EDT

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    First, an "impression" is the image (possibly many print-stream pages in
    different configurations) imposed onto a single side of a media sheet.

    The "job-impressions-supported" (rangeOfInteger(0:MAX)) is a Printer
    Description attribute which indicates the minimum and maximum number of
    impressions (sides of a sheet) for a job that a Printer will accept in a Job
    Creation operation. So if the client supplies the number of impressions in
    the Job Creation operation, the Printer MUST validate that the supplied
    value is in range. Presumably, a vendor would populate the Printer's
    job-impressions-supported attribute, either with 'no-value' or with 0:MAX.
    Then an administrator could limit the size of jobs to some smaller number,
    say 100 impressions. Also an administrator might want to limit small jobs
    on a high end printer, and so could set the lower limit to some number
    greater than 0.

    Here are the definitions of "job-impressions" operation attribute,
    "job-impressions" Job Description attribute and the
    "job-impressions-supported" Printer Description attribute:

    "job-impressions" (integer(0:MAX)):
    The client OPTIONALLY supplies this attribute. The Printer object
    OPTIONALLY supports this attribute and the "job-impressions-supported"
    attribute (see section 4.4.34). The client supplied "job-impressions"
    operation attribute identifies the total size in number of impressions of
    the document(s) being submitted (see section for the complete

    See last paragraph under "job-k-octets". job-impressions (integer(0:MAX))

    This attribute specifies the total size in number of impressions of the
    document(s) being submitted (see the definition of impression in section

    As with "job-k-octets", this value MUST NOT include the multiplicative
    factors contributed by the number of copies specified by the "copies"
    attribute, independent of whether the device can process multiple copies
    without making multiple passes over the job or document data and independent
    of whether the output is collated or not. Thus the value is independent of
    the implementation and reflects the size of the document(s) measured in
    impressions independent of the number of copies.

    As with "job-k-octets", this value MUST also not include the multiplicative
    factor due to a copies instruction embedded in the document data. If the
    document data actually includes replications of the document data, this
    value will include such replication. In other words, this value is always
    the number of impressions in the source document data, rather than a measure
    of the number of impressions to be produced by the job.

    4.4.34 job-impressions-supported (rangeOfInteger(0:MAX))

    This Printer attribute specifies the upper and lower bounds for the number
    of impressions per job. The supported values are used to validate the client
    supplied "job-impressions" operation attributes in create requests. The
    corresponding job description attribute "job-impressions" is defined in

    Does that help?

    Tom Hastings

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        I am interested in IPP. it is a good "new body", there are have two
    attributes in rfc2911.txt. "job-impression-supported" and
    "compression-supported". I know compression tell us which way client use
    when he create two operation ------send-document and print-job-----. but I
    cannot know how to understand "job-impression-supported". can you help me?


    Best regard
     Peter Du

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