IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> FW: [Srvloc-discuss] [Multiple re

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> FW: [Srvloc-discuss] [Multiple re

Re: IPP> FW: [Srvloc-discuss] [Multiple registrations for a single print device]

From: Michael Sweet (mike@easysw.com)
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 09:13:15 EDT

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    "McDonald, Ira" wrote:
    > Hi folks,
    > This thread has been going for several weeks on the SLP mailing
    > list. Could IPP implementors who plan to support SLP (at some
    > point) please participate (here on the IPP list and _then_ on
    > the SLP list)?
    > This is the same phantom issue that wasted three months in late
    > 1999 on the SLP and IPP lists. The PWG concensus at that time
    > was _one_ registration for _one_ print device.
    > ...

    FWIW, the current SLP integration with CUPS (hopefully to be released
    in the next patch update, e.g. 1.1.10) provides one registration for
    each local print queue on the system, e.g.:


    We don't try to enumerate all of the possible addresses (e.g. from
    multiple interfaces), although that might be added in a future

    Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products                  mike@easysw.com
    Printing Software for UNIX                       http://www.easysw.com

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