IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> NOT - 6 Notification ISSUES [anot

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> NOT - 6 Notification ISSUES [anot

Re: IPP> NOT - 6 Notification ISSUES [another IPPGET WG Last Call?]

From: Michael Sweet (mike@easysw.com)
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 12:32:35 EDT

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    "Hastings, Tom N" wrote:
    > ...
    > Assuming that we agree to make some changes to IPPGET and agree that those
    > changes require another WG Last Call and I'm able to get the document
    > published as an Internet-Draft by this Friday's 2:00 PM PDT time, then the
    > Last Call could happen during the next three weeks (ending with the IETF
    > meeting in London, week of August 6-10. During this period, our Area
    > Directory and the IESG are unlikely to get to review the IPPGET document
    > that we had sent last Fall. So we might not really lose any time in
    > getting IPPGET published as an RFC with a second Last Call.

    Let's do it right - do another last call once we have made any
    changes, and then have everyone that is now working on an IPPGET
    implementation go over it closely to eliminate any remaining

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