IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> NOT - ISSUE 05 [return successful

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> NOT - ISSUE 05 [return successful

RE: IPP> NOT - ISSUE 05 [return successful-ok-events-complete']

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 16:09:51 EDT

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    With this simplified Get-Notifications that only takes subscription-ids,
    would it be possible to REQUIRE a Printer to support Event Wait Mode for at
    least one connection as long as the identified Subscription Objects exist?

    A Notification Recipient client MUST still accept a "notify-get-interval"
    response from the Printer and try the Get-Notifications that many seconds
    later, if still interested in the events.



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    "Hastings, Tom N" wrote:
    > ...
    > So lets simplify Get-Notifications as follows:
    > 1. drop the "notify-recipient-uri" as an input operation attribute.
    > 2. drop the "notify-search" (boolean) operation attribute.
    > 3. Sender MUST supply one or more subscription-ids in the
    > "notify-subscription-ids: (1setOf integer(1:MAX)) operation attribute.
    > 4. Sender MAY supply one or more parallel sequence-numbers in the
    > "notify-sequenced-numbers" (1setOf integer(1:MAX)) to eliminate getting
    > duplicates for the corresponding Subscription Object.

    Sounds good to me!

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