IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> RE: Mandatory Delivery Method for

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> RE: Mandatory Delivery Method for

RE: IPP> RE: Mandatory Delivery Method for Notifications - Commen ts by April 15

From: Dennis Carney (dcarney@us.ibm.com)
Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 - 11:54:05 EDT

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    I see a way in which your comments added a new wrinkle, although I may be
    mistaken. I didn't get the impression in the previous messages that we
    were discussing mandating that a *client* support IPPGET if it supports any
    notification mechanisms--I read Carl's "notification implementations" as
    discussing IPP servers only.

    What does it mean that a client "support" a mandatory notification
    mechanism? If the client has no interest in actually using that mechanism,
    it doesn't make sense to force the client to implement it anyway, then just
    not use it. Am I missing something?

    Dennis Carney
    IBM Printing Systems

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    I support the proposal to REQUIRE a Notification Delivery Method so that
    interoperability between a conforming client and a conforming Printer is
    enhanced for Notifications.

    I also support the proposal to make IPPGET be that REQUIRED Delivery Method
    by changing the IPP Notifications and Subscriptions document (which is an
    OPTIONAL IPP extension document) in the following ways:

    1. REQUIRE that a Printer support the IPPGET Delivery Method, if the
    supports IPP Notifications.

    2. REQUIRE that a client support the IPPGET Delivery Method, if it supports
    IPP Notifications.

    3. RFC 2910 already RECOMMENDs that a Printer support TLS, so saying the
    same thing in the Notifications and Subscriptions document would be
    redundant, but we could still do that.

    Compared to our other two Delivery Methods (MAILTO and INDP), the IPPGET
    Delivery Method has the following advantages:

    a. it is the easiest Delivery Method to support
    b. it is in-band so it doesn't create any additional firewall problems
    c. it is also useful for LAN job submission (with no firewall)
    d. it doesn't create any more administrative problems
    e. it is REQUIRED for IPPFAX conformance.
    f. and doesn't have any SPAM problems (since the job submitter is polling
    and/or keeping a channel open for notification events).

    The IPPGET spec also should be changed:

    4. We should also change the IPPGET spec itself from its current
    "RECOMMENDED" to "REQUIRED" as a Delivery Method for an IPP Printer to


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    From: Carl [mailto:carl@manros.com]
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    To: Carl; ipp@pwg.org
    Subject: IPP> RE: Mandatory Delivery Method for Notifications - Comments
    by April 15

    Resend, with spelling corrected etc. The earlier message slipped away
    I had finished it.


    Ned Freed communicated in an earlier message to the IPP WG, that the IESG
    found it unacceptable that we had not choosen ONE mandatory delivery method
    for notifications. They would also like to see that delivery method mandate
    the use of security.

    As those of you who were around about two years ago remember, we could not
    reach agreement about mandating any of the delivery methods.

    However, in the meantime the members of the IPPFAX project in the Printer
    Working Group has reached an agreement that they will require all IPPFAX
    implementions to implement the 'ippget' delivery method, and it also
    requires support for TLS security.

    Hence, I would like to put up the following strawman proposal to the IPP WG
    members to satisfy the IESG comments:

    1) Change the main Notifiction document to require that 'ippget' delivery
    MUST be included for all notification implementations, but any of the other
    two methods can also be implemented as an option.

    2) Put that rule also into the three delivery method documents, so it is
    crystal clear what the rule is.

    3) Further, in the 'ippget' delivery document, we specify that TLS security
    MUST be supported.

    If we can reach agreement on this, I will instruct the IPP editor to
    implement these changes.

    I would like to get your reactions back on this proposal no later than
    15, 2002.

    Carl-Uno Manros
    Chair of IETF IPP WG

    10701 S Eastern Ave #1117
    Henderson, NV 89052, USA
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