IPP Mail Archive: IPP> BUG: Forbidden Operation attributes i

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> BUG: Forbidden Operation attributes i

IPP> BUG: Forbidden Operation attributes in Create-Job and "job-mandat ory-attributes"

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Thu Apr 24 2003 - 06:44:42 EDT

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    in SM, Document Description attributes aren't inherinted from Job
    Description attributes, right? Same as IPP Document object. In SM only
    Processing attributes are inherited. Same as the IPP Document object spec
    in which the Document object inherits Job Template attributes, but does not
    inherit Description attributes.

    So DocumentFormat, DocumentName, Compression, DocumentNaturalLanguage, and
    now DocumentFormatVersion, DocumentFormatDetails, DocumentCharSet,
    DocumentDigitalSignature can't be submitted at the Job Level in CreateJob
    and inherited by CreateDocument, right? Same as in the IPP Document object

    We discovered yesterday, in the IPPFAX telecon, than this limitation does
    mean that CreateJob doesn't do all of the validation that ValidateJob does.
    So we're keeping Validate-Job as REQUIRED in IPPFAX, even if the client
    submits the job using Create-Job. This is so that "document-format",
    "document-format-version", "compression", will get validated.

    Bug in the current Document Object spec (and SM spec):

    The new "job-mandatory-attributes" Operation attribute is only allowed in
    Print-Job, Print-URI, Validate-Job, and Create-Job. But we've defined
    "job-mandatory-attributes" to be able to name Operation attributes as well
    as Job Template and Document Tempate attributes. But Create-Job forbids
    these Operation attributes: "document-format", "document-format-version",
    "document-format-details", "document-format-details" member attributes,
    "document-charset", "document-digital-signature", and "compression". Maybe
    we need to rethink the inheritance for these important attributes in
    Create-Job so that they can be supplied in Create-Job along with

    Then Create-Job would also be performing all of the validation that is
    possible in Validate-Job.
    And would make "job-mandator-attributes" work with these operation


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