IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> FW: Summary of PWG Document Objec

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> FW: Summary of PWG Document Objec

Re: IPP> FW: Summary of PWG Document Object issues

From: Michael Sweet (mike@easysw.com)
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 15:17:20 EDT

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    McDonald, Ira wrote:
    > Hi Tom,
    > I disagree entirely with your reasoning below.
    > The main purpose of PSI is print-by-reference. If Send-URI
    > remains OPTIONAL (and therefore rarely implemented and not
    > interoperable) in IPP, then gateways based on FSG PAPI/1.0
    > interfaces between PSI and IPP transports will fail (unless
    > the gateway fetches the referenced document, which introduces
    > a different set of security issues).
    > This isn't a percentage kind of thing. The most important
    > operation in PSI is AddDocumentByReference. All of the mobile
    > scenarios depend on it. Mobile devices _cannot_ fetch local
    > copies of large documents, in order to use AddDocumentByValue.

    Well, if mobile devices cannot fetch large documents (to display
    them), then printing them is a bit useless, right? Better to just
    provide web-enabled applications for wireless devices to access
    when they need to handle large documents.

    The only operational scenario that I see where this would make *any*
    sense is when viewing a large PDF file that has been linearized
    ("optimized") for the web, and even then you cannot have a proxy
    between the client and server or none of the byte serving (which
    allows a light-weight client to view the PDF file in pieces) will
    work anyways.

    I have yet to be convinced that print-by-reference is anything other
    than a "gee wiz" feature.

    Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products           mike at easysw dot com
    Printing Software for UNIX                       http://www.easysw.com

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