IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Should we do a PWG IPP/1.2 standa

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> Should we do a PWG IPP/1.2 standa

RE: IPP> Should we do a PWG IPP/1.2 standard?

From: don@lexmark.com
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 12:26:20 EDT

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    In the style of the W3C....


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    Subject: RE: IPP> Should we do a PWG IPP/1.2 standard?


    What's an IETF? My objective is to get something, other than an rfc on
    or evil bits in IP headers, published. And I want to do it in a timely
    manner. I do not have the luxury of waiting years for our pleads with the
    IETF to be heard. The IETF appears to have little interest in addressing
    the boring subject of printing even though that it is a major source of
    support calls from real users.

    I want to reach consensus and demonstrate interoperable implementations
    before I worry about how long, or if, the IETF will take to move this
    standard forward.


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    Subject: RE: IPP> Should we do a PWG IPP/1.2 standard?


    When you talk about an IPP/1.2 spec are you expecting that to be published
    by the IETF?

    If so, should we plan to hold an IPP WG meeting in the next IETF Meeting
    (Vienna in July)?


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    > Subject: RE: IPP> Should we do a PWG IPP/1.2 standard?
    > All,
    > I think an IPP v1.2 would be a good idea. It would give us an
    > to collect all the extensions into a single document. (A one
    > stop shop for
    > IPP as opposed to about 1500 pages spread over some 28 documents) This
    > would also give us an opportunity for another Bake-Off. We have
    > done a very
    > good job on interoperability on the core specs. I am unsure
    > about the level
    > interoperability of the various extensions. I know some problems already
    > exist.
    > Pete
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    > Subject: IPP> Should we do a PWG IPP/1.2 standard?
    > Hi,
    > Dennis Carney (IBM) recently observed that the IPP Document Object
    > spec was starting to sound a lot like "IPP/1.2". Below, Michael
    > Sweet (CUPS) again raises the possibility of an "IPP.1.2".
    > Is this a worthwhile idea?
    > _If_ there was at least one other editor who was MS Word literate
    > (Dennis Carney, Tom Hastings, ...?), I would volunteer to collaborate
    > on writing an "IPP/1.2" spec with new significantly higher REQUIRED
    > features that consisted entirely (or almost entirely) of pointers to
    > the definitions of operations, objects, and attributes in the over 30
    > documents (IETF and IEEE/ISTO) that currently specify parts of IPP.
    > Any takers?
    > Cheers,
    > - Ira McDonald
    > High North Inc
    > ----- Excerpt ------
    > Michael Sweet wrote:
    > >Hastings, Tom N wrote:
    > >> ...
    > >> 1. DEPRECATE the way a client can close a Job by supplying an empty
    > >
    > >Hmm, knowing that people are busy, etc., what are the chances that
    > >we do an IPP/1.2 specification based upon the current 1.1 docs +
    > >the common extensions (collections, notifications?, job-and-printer
    > >ops, plus the document object stuff)?
    > >
    > >This is another extension which is pointing to an IPP/1.2 version
    > >bump - deprecating operations is something that should be reserved
    > >for new versions, since otherwise you might not have at least 1
    > >version to provide a transition period...
    > >

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