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Re: IPP> polling re: Upgrade and CONNECT support

From: Michael Sweet (mike@easysw.com)
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 13:32:48 EDT

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    Scott Lawrence wrote:
    > I'm attempting to determine what features of HTTP specified by RFC
    > 2817 (Upgrade header and CONNECT method support) have been implemented
    > and tested with other implementations in order to discover whether or
    > not the spec can be advanced to Draft Standard status.
    > The RFC discusses these features in the context of upgrading to HTTP
    > over TLS, because doing so was needed by IPP, so I expect that some
    > features will have been done primarily in the HTTP used by IPP clients
    > and servers.
    > However, the protocol features it describes are actually generic to
    > any use of Upgrade and CONNECT. The usage of CONNECT is (we believe)
    > the same as that specified in the original Internet Draft by Ari
    > Luotonen, which was never otherwise published as an RFC.
    > If you are responsible for (or knowlegable regarding) a Client,
    > Server, or Proxy that implements Upgrade and/or CONNECT support in
    > some form, would you please take a moment to comment on its support of
    > the specific features outlined below?
    > Replies to the list you're reading this on are fine - I'm on both.
    > Responses sent to me off list will be treated as confidential
    > information unless you specify otherwise - at most, the fact that an
    > affirmative response was received from someone will be made known
    > publicly, but neither the responder nor the implementation will be
    > identified.

    CUPS (http://www.cups.org/) implements HTTP Upgrade for TLS on
    the client and server ends.

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