IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Some comments on the Overrides spec

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Some comments on the Overrides spec

IPP> Some comments on the Overrides spec

From: Dennis Carney (dcarney@us.ibm.com)
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 09:30:03 EDT

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    Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to make the telecon today
    discussing the Overrides spec.

    I have sent Pete an email with some editorial updates to the Overrides
    spec, and also have some comments.

    My comments have to do with Table 2, "Job Template Attribute Override
    1) I think some explanation of the "min" and "max" columns is needed. If
    nothing else, it needs to be made clear what the "order" of the scopes is.
    I assume that going from min to max it is: page, impression, sheet,
    document, job. I think an explanation would help in understanding why the
    values that are there have the values they do.
    2) I assume that you are going to discuss today whether the values for the
    min and max scopes in the table are correct. I believe that the folks who
    have been very active in the Document object for a long time know this
    stuff much better than I do, but some of the values seem suspect to me. A
    few questions I had:
    a) "cover-back" and "cover-front" seem to me to be Document scope.
    b) Why would "feed-orientation" have different scopes than "media"?
    c) Without the Document object, it is actually possible to specify
    "insert-sheet", "output-bin", and "separator-sheets" at either the Document
    or the Job level?
    I hope these comments are not silly!
    3) By the way, if by chance a long involved discussion ensues about what
    the values should be for each attribute, would it maybe be an alternative
    to replace the min and max columns with one single column that says simply
    whether the attribute is a valid Override or not? In theory, that is what
    this table is trying to convey, isn't it?
    4) There are some rows that have a ** after the attribute name--is there a
    missing table footnote, or should the ** be deleted?
    5) Is the reference for "pages-per-subset" correct?


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