IPP Mail Archive: IPP> June 11 Notes - Notifications

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> June 11 Notes - Notifications

IPP> June 11 Notes - Notifications

From: Gail Songer (gail.songer@peerless.com)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 20:49:15 EDT

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    We need an editor for the notifications specifications! WBMM, PSI, IFX
    depend are these specs!!!!! Harry, in the plenary next week, can we
    canvas for a volunteer?


    Notification spec will be ejected from the IETF in a week. We can
    notify the IETF that we want to remove it from the standards track.
    Carl-Uno would draft a note to the IETF (signed by all the active
    editors - Bob, Tom and Harry) stating the intentions.


    Want notification on EACH page error/warning, two new categories under
    job progress. Can't get just get job-progress without getting these two
    new alerts.


    Issues and changes to the notification spec were captured by Tom in the
    spec itself.



    Gail Songer

    Peerless Systems Corp



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