IPP Mail Archive: IPP> [jobx] - The "color-effects-type

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> [jobx] - The "color-effects-type

IPP> [jobx] - The "color-effects-type" Job Template attributes for con trolling black and white printing of color documents

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 20:29:51 EDT

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    Dave and Bob,

    I understand from Pete Zehler, that you have an action item for proposing a
    Job Template attribute to be added to the Job Extensions spec [jobx] for use
    by PSI. I call you attention to a similar Job Template attribute that is in
    the "IPP: Color and Imaging Attributes" Working Draft, dated December 12,
    2002. It is called "color-effects-type".

    Please consider it as input for the Job Template attribute for [jobx]. When
    we get an agreed version for [jobx], that version can replace the one in the
    Color and Imaging Attributes proposals.

    As I understand the requirements, the client needs to be able to tell the
    print provider (PSI Service, IPP Printer) whether to print a color document
    in one of three ways:

       color - the colors that are in the document
       bi-level black and white - two levels only
       gray scale - implementation dependent number of gray scale levels

    The "IPP: Color and Imaging Attributes" Working Draft is available at:


    Here is the extracted version (but it only has two values, so we can add the
    third strict 'bi-level-black-and-white'):

    3.7 color-effects-type (type2 keyword)
    This "color-effects-type" Job Template Job attribute indicates whether a
    color document should be rendered in full color or should be rendered using
    an algorithm that maps the full range of colors to alternate values, such as
    gray scale or monochrome. This capability allows a full color printer to
    print a color document in monochrome or grayscale or black and white as a
    way to save time, toner, or cost when proofing a document. See section for an Overview of Color Effects in the context of other Output
    Color Rendering characteristics.
    Standard keyword values are:
            'color' - all color content of the document MUST be preserved and
    rendered in color
            'monochrome-grayscale' - the color content of the Input-Document
    should be identified and an implementation-dependent algorithm MUST be
    applied to map the document colors to various intensities of black and
    If the Printer supports this attribute, it MUST support the 'color' and
    'monochrome-grayscale' values. If a color Printer does not support this
    attribute, the Printer MUST provide the 'color' behavior.
    3.7.1 color-effects-type-default (type2 keyword)
    See [RFC2911] section 4.2 for the behavior of "xxx-default" Job Template
    Printer attributes.
    3.7.2 color-effects-type-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)
    See [RFC2911] section 4.2 for the behavior of "xxx-supported" Job Template
    Printer attributes.


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