IPP Mail Archive: IPP> JobX Specification move to maturity l

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> JobX Specification move to maturity l

IPP> JobX Specification move to maturity level Pototype

From: Zehler, Peter (PZehler@crt.xerox.com)
Date: Fri Aug 08 2003 - 17:00:36 EDT

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    Anyone objecting to changing the maturity level of this specification to
    Prototype should send their objection to mailto:ipp@pwg.org
    The latest document is available at
    <ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/new_JOBX/wd-ippjobx10-20030808.pdf> .
    The changes from the last version include one issues and some clean-up.
    In "The Printer Working Group (PWG) Standard for Internet Printing Protocol
    (IPP):Document Object" there was one issue and some updates required. Below
    is the summary. See the specification for the details.

    ISSUE :
                    The [rfc2911] Job Description attribute
    "output-device-assigned" is single-valued even though the "output-device"
    Job Template can be supplied at the Job, Document and page Override (i.e.
    Sheet) level.
                     Leave the Job Description attribute single-valued. This
    will prevent any interoperability problems with existing implementations.
    It will also handle the majority of uses. Add a single-valued
    "output-device" Job Template attribute which MAY be supplied in a Document
    Creation operation to give it Document scope and in the "overrides"
    attribute to give it Sheet scope.. . Implementations that allow the routing
    of individual sheets should be capable of implementing "overrided" and
    "-actuals". Even if they don't support -actuals, the "overrides" Template
    attribute will contain the requested output devices.

    Version 0.6, August 8, 2003:
    1. Changed "output-device-requested" to "output-device"
    2. Made "output-device" a Job Template attribute, instead of an
    Operation attribute for the following two reasons: (1) so that it can be
    used at the Sheet level in "overrides" to print a Sheet containing color
    pages on a color printer while the other Sheets are printed on a black and
    white printer and (2) so that the "output-device-actual" can be used to
    indicate the actual device(s) used, since [rfc2911] "output-device-assigned"
    is only single valued.
    3. Updated introduction
    4. Added xxx-supplied to Job Description & updated table 5
    5. "output-device-default" explicitly prohibited & split out into its
    own section
    6. Added "output-device" multivalue issue/resolution.
    7. Added overrides summary and scoping of new attributes
    8. Added "-actual"s
    9. Added Section 8 "Override Scope of Attributes"
    10. Added "print-content-optimized
    11. Moved "server-too-many-*" error codes from Document Object spec to

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