IPP Mail Archive: IPP> PSX - Posted new draft of IPP PSX (23 Sept 2006)

IPP> PSX - Posted new draft of IPP PSX (23 Sept 2006)

From: McDonald, Ira (imcdonald@sharplabs.com)
Date: Sat Sep 23 2006 - 21:13:08 EDT

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    Hi folks, Saturday (23 September 2006)

    I've just posted a second draft of the PWG IPP Printer State Extensions
    (PSX) specification on the PWG FTP server at:


    This draft is a major rewrite to capture the recent IPP WG concensus on
    design alternatives:

    (a) New values for the "printer-state-reasons" attribute for device
        alerts already defined in the 'PrtAlertCodeTC' textual convention;

    (b) New values for both the "printer-state-reasons" attribute and the
        'PrtAlertCodeTC' textual convention for finishing subunit alerts;

    (c) New attribute "printer-alert (1setOf octetString(MAX))" - to encode
        all the machine-readable columnar objects from 'prtAlertTable';

    (d) New attribute "printer-alert-description (1setOf text(MAX))" - to
        encode the localized 'prtAlertDescription' columnar object.

    For immediate review, comment on the IPP WG mailing list (ipp@pwg.org),
    and discussion at next IPP WG Telecon on Thursday 28 September 11am EDT.

    - Ira

    Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
    Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
    PO Box 221 Grand Marais, MI 49839
    phone: +1-906-494-2434
    email: imcdonald@sharplabs.com

    [Change Log]

    23 September 2006 (v0.20)
    - Changed document status from 'Initial' to 'Interim', per PWG
    - Renamed document from 'IPP Printer State Reasons Extensions' to
      'IPP Printer State Extensions' (new state attributes are defined);
    - Renamed section 1.1 from 'Background' to 'Problem Statement' for
      better alignment with project charter.
    - Added formal definitions of 'IPP Client', 'IPP Printer', 'Printer MIB
      Agent', and 'Printer MIB Client' protocol roles to section 2.2
      'Printing Terminology', for unambiguous conformance requirements;
    - Revised section 4 'Requirements' to align with new design requirements
      and preferred design alternatives, per concensus of IPP WG;
    - Renamed section 5 from 'IPP Printer Attribute Extensions' to
      'IPP Printer Attributes' (new attributes are defined);
    - Renamed section 6 from 'IANA Printer MIB Extensions' to
      'IANA Printer MIB Textual Conventions' (no new objects are defined);
    - Deleted section 5.1.1 'Severity Suffixes DEPRECATED' and replaced with
      new section 5.1.1 'Severity Suffixes Interoperability', per comments
      from Ted Tronson (Novell) and Michael Sweet (Easy Software);
    - Added section 5.1.4 'New Printer State Reasons for Finishing Subunits'
      that points to section 6.1.1 'New Alert Codes for Finishing Subunits'
    - Deleted section 5.2 'printer-state-message(text(MAX))' and replaced
      with new section 5.2 'printer-alert(1setOf octetString(MAX))',
      per concensus of IPP WG;
    - Deleted redundant prefix 'alert-' from all keywords defined for use in
      "printer-alert" in section 5.2, e.g., changing 'alert-code' to 'code'
      (no longer overloading general attribute "printer-state-message");
    - Added new section 5.3 'printer-alert-description (1setOf text(MAX))',
      per concensus of IPP WG;
    - Deleted section 6.1 'PrtAlertGroupTC' and replaced with new section
      6.1 'PrtAlertCodeTC', per concensus of IPP WG;
    - Deleted section 6.1.1 'New Alert Groups for Finishing Subunits' and
      replaced with new section 6.1.1 'New Alert Codes for Finishing
      Subunits', per concensus of IPP WG;
    - Revised section 9 'Internationalization Considerations' to reflect
      new "printer-alert-description" attribute;
    - Added new section 'Appendix A - Design Alternatives (Informative)', to
      document the evolution of IPP WG concensus (i.e., the road not taken);


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