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Re: IPP> New IPPv2 Docs and Agenda for Telecon

From: Michael Sweet (mike@easysw.com)
Date: Thu Feb 14 2008 - 15:46:05 EST

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    Ira McDonald wrote:
    > Hi Michael,
    > HOORAY - if you have added any part of PSX spec to CUPS, then we have
    > a "prototype", and we can rapidly take it to PWG Last Call and then formal
    > vote for PWG Candidate Standard!
    > We have been delayed waiting for a prototype by one of the BMLinks members
    > in Japan (who originally requested this coverage for finishing events).
    > Please, can you describe what you implemented from PSX? Did you do it
    > in IPP, but not yet in Printer MIB? Of course, devices need to add support
    > in Printer MIB for it to be useful to CUPS.

    In CUPS, it is up to the printer drivers or backends to provide the
    printer-alert* attributes. Some use SNMP lookups while others use
    in-band printer commands to generate compatible data. The scheduler
    provides the current values in response to Get-Printer-Attributes and
    CUPS-Get-Printers requests, and printer-alert* changes also trigger

    CUPS itself does not respond to SNMP queries and so the only tie we
    have to the Printer MIB is when communicating with network printers.
    We can't respond to SNMP queries since that will interfere with
    existing SNMP services on a system, and in all honesty there is no
    clean support for multiple printer queues in the Printer MIB...

    Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products           mike at easysw dot com

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