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Re: IPP> IPPv2 Consensus Results

From: Michael R Sweet (msweet@apple.com)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2008 - 19:25:22 EDT

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    Ron.Bergman@ricoh-usa.com wrote:
    > The updated document containing the results of today's consensus telecon,
    > plus the rankings from Novell, can be found at:
    > ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/ippv2-docs/IPPv2-OPS-REQUIRED-2008-06-16.pdf
    > (.doc)
    > SInce some key contributors were not present on the call, there will be
    > further discussion during next week's face-to-face meeting.

    My apologies for missing the call again. My meeting reminder didn't
    do its job and my brain didn't do any better... :(

    Since I won't be at next week's face-to-face, here are my comments
    for the items needing further discussion:


         In general, I'd like to avoid making operations that need
         a tight integration with the print device REQUIRED. My
         vision of the Enterprise Printer Environment is a loosely-
         -managed print-on-demand network environment which provides
         basic spooling and output control.

         - For Pause-Printer-After-Current-Job, Hold-New-Jobs, and
           Release-Held-New-Jobs, there seem to be enough B's to
           justify making them REQUIRED operations, and they are both
           easy to implement and useful for the "Enterprise Printer"
         - For Deactivate-Printer, Activate-Printer, Restart-Printer,
           Shutdown-Printer, and Startup-Printer, there are slightly
           fewer B's and these require a higher level of integration
           with the device than may be available, so I'd argue these
           should be left OPTIONAL.
         - For Cancel-Current-Job, there is only one C and a couple A's.
           It is also a relatively simple operation to implement, so
           I'd vote for making it REQUIRED.
         - For Suspend-Current-Job, Resume-Job, Promote-Job, and
           Schedule-Job-After, there seems to be consensus around "B",
           so I'd vote for leaving them OPTIONAL. In particular,
           Suspend-Current-Job and Resume-Job can be tricky when you
           are not tightly integrated with the device, and Promote-Job
           and Schedule-Job-After can require fairly large resources
           and may need access controls to avoid abuse in this


         - For Print-URI and Send-URI, I have my standard objection
           because of the known access control, authentication, and
           error reporting issues. However, I *can* see them being
           useful in implementing "stored forms" and other template
           documents in a production printing environment. If we
           make these operations required in any of the three profiles,
           this would be the place to do so. In short, I'm OK with
           changing these to REQUIRED.

    One final note: on page 1 "Cancel-Document" is lumped in with
    notifications and subscriptions instead of document object...

    Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer

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