IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Restart-Job (bad) and Reprocess-Job (OK, but costly)

IPP> Restart-Job (bad) and Reprocess-Job (OK, but costly)

From: Ira McDonald (blueroofmusic@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 17 2008 - 13:33:13 EDT

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    Per our discussion at yesterday's IPP WG telecon,
    I looked up these two operations, just now:

    Restart-Job - section 3.3.7 in RFC 2911
    - MUST not change job-id - eek!
    - moves job from completed state to pending
      or pending-held - violates state diagram
    - BAD idea for accounting and security

    Reprocess-Job - section 4.1 of RFC 3998
    - MUST copy job attributes and create new Job
      with new job-id (returned in response)
    - fixes the awful Restart-Job bugs

    But, as we discussed yesterday, Reprocess-Job
    means that the system (spooler or printer) must
    keep all job attributes AND all job data for the
    entire job history duration - costly and dubious.


    (1) We really should DEPRECATE Restart-Job
         in IPP/2.x Profiles and explain the rationale.

    (2) Reprocess-Job is technically OK, but costly.
         Should remain OPTIONAL, even for IPP/2.2
         (Production Printing).

    - Ira

    Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
    Chair - Linux Foundation Open Printing WG
    Blue Roof Music/High North Inc
    email: blueroofmusic@gmail.com
     579 Park Place Saline, MI 48176
     PO Box 221 Grand Marais, MI 49839

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