IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Section 3 Requirements for IPP/2.0

IPP> Section 3 Requirements for IPP/2.0

From: Ira McDonald (blueroofmusic@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 21:43:57 EDT

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    Please review via email and at upcoming face-to-face.

    Attached and appended below (both in plaintext).

    Word usage - Ron - the term 'workgroup' (one word) is ubiquitously
    used (and automatically suggested in the Google search bar) for
    computer and printing environments. The term 'work group' (two
    words) is only correctly used in sociology, etc. Please normalize
    in the IPP/2.0 spec (both are now used).

    Correct draft filename of IPP/2.0 Profiles spec should be:

      wd-ipp20-2008mmdd.pdf / doc

    Due to travel conflicts, I will NOT be calling into the IPP, WIMS, or
    MFD WG sessions at the August face-to-face meeting. Good luck.

    - Ira

    Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
    Chair - Linux Foundation Open Printing WG
    Blue Roof Music/High North Inc
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    ---------------------------------------------------------- 3. Requirements

    3.1. Rationale for IPP/2.0

    The Printer MIB v2 [RFC3805] and Port Monitor MIB [PWG5107.1] define:

    (a) Model of Print Devices

    (b) Operations for Print Devices - prtGeneralReset - prtConsoleDisable

    (c) Groups of simple attributes for Print Devices - prtInputTable --> prtInputName - ppmPortTable --> ppmPortServiceNameOrURI

    (d) Conformance requirements for implementations of Printer MIB v2 and Port Monitor MIB

    The IPP/1.1 Model and Semantics [RFC2911] defines:

    (a) Model of Print Services, Print Devices, and Print Jobs

    (b) Operations for Print Services and Print Jobs - Pause-Printer - Print-Job

    (c) Attributes for Print Services and Print Jobs - printer-location - job-id

    (d) Conformance requirements for implementations of IPP/1.1

    The IPP/1.1 Encoding and Transport [RFC2910] defines:

    (a) Protocol Bindings for IPP/1.1 - HTTP with optional upgrade to TLS

    (b) Mappings of operations for Print Services and Print Jobs Jobs.

    (c) Conformance requirements for implementations of IPP/1.1

    Later IETF and PWG standards-track specifications defined 14 IPP/1.1 extensions including:

    (a) New operations - Set-Printer-Attributes [RFC3380] - Resume-Job [RFC3998]

    (b) New attribute syntaxes - collection [RFC3382]

    (c) New objects - Subscription [RFC3995] - Document [PWG5100.5]

    Current enterprise printers often support functionality standardized in these IPP/1.1 extensions (in a proprietary manner). In order to support user requirements for advanced printing functionality, there is a clear need to standardize profiles of these IPP/1.1 extensions for reliable interoperability and to encourage adoption of IPP-based infrastructure.

    3.2. Use Models

    See the definitions of Workgroup Printer, Enterprise Printer, and Production Printer in section 2 Terminology above.

    3.2.1. Workgroup Printer

    Alice, Bob, and Charlie are graphic artists who share a workgroup printer down the hall. They all load paper when needed. Alice and Bob have convinced Charlie that he should load the toner cartridges. But they do use many paper sizes - they need PWG Media Standardized Names [PWG5101.1] used in the IPP 'media' attribute. And they print lots of thumbnails of graphic images - they need standard IPP document formats.

    3.2.2. Enterprise Printer

    Joe and his colleagues send large documents to an enterprise printer in a building across the street in a 'glasshouse' with some web servers. Both Joe and the operator Sue in the glasshouse manage lots of jobs - they need to hold and release jobs. Joe wants to keep track of his jobs - he needs to subscribe for job events. Sue is expected to manage several printers - she needs to enable and disable printers (i.e., enable/disable accepting new jobs over input channels).

    3.2.3. Production Printer

    Louise works in Accounting for a big wholesaler in Kansas City. She sends variable data jobs (e.g., different user names, user addresses, and balance owed amounts formatted onto a pre-printed form) to a production printer in Chicago. Her friend Sam is a night-shift operator in Chicago. Sam has to make sure that job resources (e.g., the pre-printed forms for Louise's jobs) are loaded when needed - he often needs to pause the printer after the current job.

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