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Re: IPP> Face-to-face meeting minutes posted

From: Michael Sweet (msweet@apple.com)
Date: Wed Aug 20 2008 - 19:18:40 EDT

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    Whittle, Craig wrote:
    > All:
    > The minutes from the IPPv2 Camas, WA face-to-face meeting can be found at:
    > ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/ippv2-minutes/08AUG-Camas-IPPv2-face-to-face.pdf

    Feedback on meeting notes:

    1. Just to be clear, the consensus was to remove the
        document-format requirements entirely?

    2. WRT XPS, it is patent-encumbered and not covered by any
        existing ISO, IETF, PWG, or W3C standards. It may make a
        fine high-level PDL, but IMHO it isn't a good fit for a
        required document-format.

    3. WRT BMLinkS, this is the first I have heard of it. The
        web site indicates modest adoption by Japanese vendors,
        and as best as I can tell from the documentation
        everything is passed as TIFF files, which are a nightmare
        to support thanks to the thousands of possible varients
        you'll run into...

    4. CUPS doesn't define required formats, but it does implement
        a lot of them. I'm more than happy to write up a spec
        for this, though...

    Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer

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