IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Status of IPP WG after the October PWG F2F (ON-HOLD!!)

IPP> Status of IPP WG after the October PWG F2F (ON-HOLD!!)

From: Jerry Thrasher (thrasher@lexmark.com)
Date: Fri Sep 12 2008 - 14:58:42 EDT

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    IPP WG interested parties.

    So far there have been no volunteers willing to committ to taking on the
    IPP Working Group
    chair position after the current chair leaves at the end of October 2008.

    During the Thursday (9/11) PWG Steering Committee conference call, the SC
    decided that the
    IPP Working Group will be put on hold after the October F2F meeting in
    Lexington if there still
    is not a chair (or co-chiars) in place. This will result in the
    suspension of ALL work that is currently
    being performed by the IPP Working Group.

    One option that I'd like to encourage the "regular" IPP WG participants
    to consider is the possibility
    of a co-chair structure; potentially one member chairing the conference
    calls and another member
    agreeing to run the F2F meeting sessions, either in person or by phone.

    Otherwise, the work efforts which have shown to be of interest to more
    than a few PWG members will
    have to be put on hold until the chair position os filled.

    Jerry Thrasher
    Printer Working Group Chair
    Senior Engineer, WW Corporate Standards
    Lexmark International Inc.
    Ph:859-825-4056, Fax:859-232-7628

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