IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Proposed "Mobile IPP" slide text...

IPP> Proposed "Mobile IPP" slide text...

From: Michael Sweet (msweet@apple.com)
Date: Mon Apr 13 2009 - 19:48:21 EDT

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    Here is my proposed text for the F2F slides WRT a potential "Mobile
    IPP" effort.

    1. Why Use IPP on Mobile Devices?
        - Currently printing on mobile devices (smart phones, netbooks,
    etc.) is hit-or-miss
        - Usually no way to install printer drivers, and vendor-specific
    solutions leave a lot to be desired (separate application, etc.)
        - Printing is usually less "organized" - you print to the device
    you are near (queue "love the one you're with" music :)
        - Printing requirements are generally simpler (smaller documents,

    2. Mobile IPP Printing Use Cases
        - EMail messages (and attachments)
        - Web pages (boarding passes, directions, etc.)
        - Photos (built-in camera)
        - Notes, to-do lists, etc. created on the device
        - All typically 1-3 pages in length

    3. Mobile IPP Printing Experience
        - Press "print" on phone
        - Select nearby printer on Wifi network (DNS-SD/Bonjour/etc.)
        - Select paper size and possibly options (duplex? quality?)
        - Press "print" on phone again

    4. How to Support IPP on Mobile Devices
        - Mobile devices can already generate JPEG, PNG, XHTML, and PDF
    data easily (even in bands of raster data) via existing, embeddable
    (and often free) software libraries
        - Mobile devices can already discover printers and send print jobs
    via IPP easily via existing, embeddable (and free) software libraries
        - Many printers already support DNS-SD/Bonjour, IPP, JPEG, PDF,
    PNG, and XHTML-Print
        - Missing piece: IPP standard to define interoperability

    5. Outline of a Mobile IPP Specification
        - Require IPP/2.0
        - Define the baseline document-format's to support: JPEG, PDF,
    PNG, and XHTML-Print
        - Client (mobile device) must support generation of all formats
        - Server (printer) must support at least one of the formats
    (advertised via document-format-supported)
        - Server must also support media and media-supported attributes
    using PWG media names to select output size
        - Server optionally supports other job template attributes
        - Server scales to fit specified media

    Michael R Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer

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