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Date: Wed May 23 2007 - 08:02:39 EDT

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    The corrected version of the meeting announcement follows.

    On Thursday May 24 an MFD Teleconference will be held. The details for
    the phone and net meeting are below.

    The document being reviewed is available at
    <> >.

    There is also a version with revision marks named
    wd-mfdscanreq10-20070522_rev.pdf in the same directory as

    well as the MSWord versions with a ".doc" file extension.


    Please take a look at the diagrams and come to the meetings with issues.


    May 24 2007
    11 am - 12 pm eastern



    Tele-Con Number:1-866-365-4406

    Pass Code: 2635888


    Net Conference Details:


    Meeting Number: 747275324

    Meeting Passcode: PwgSm


    Join Instructions for Net Conference:

    1. Join meeting at:

    if that link does not work go to:

    and select "join an event"

    2. Enter the required fields.

    3. Indicate that you have read the Privacy Policy.

    4. Click on Proceed.



     1) Agenda bashing
     2) Discuss Use Case diagrams and identify/resolve issues

     5) Next steps



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