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    Good minutes, as always - one comment about 'Scanner' subunit.

    In WIMS/1.0 (an approved PWG Candidate Standard) and thus in
    Counter MIB v1 (an approved PWG Informational Specification),
    there is a subunit named 'Scanner' that corresponds to the
    'Marker' (used in Print Device).

    The confusion occurs because of the use of the obsolete (and
    ambiguous) term 'Printer' to mean 'Print Device'.

    Thus, the WIMS XML schemas (and Counter MIB enumerations) name a
    'Scan Service', 'Scan Device', and 'Scanner Subunit'.

    MFD modelling work should NOT overload the ambiguous term 'Scanner'
    to mean 'Scan Device'. The 'Copy' and 'FaxOut' services will also
    use the 'Scanner Subunit', but that does NOT mean that they will
    use the entire 'Scan Device'.

    If we wish to replace the term 'Scanner' (for the subunit) with
    some other term, then we need to make this decision and come to
    concensus quite quickly, since it breaks the 'Subunits.xsd' XML
    schema in WIMS and the 'IcSubunitTypeTC' textual convention in
    the Imaging State and Counter MIB (soon to move to PWG Last Call).

    - Ira
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    The June 14 teleconference meeting minutes is now available as: and

    Nancy Chen
    Solutions and Technology
    GMC, Oki Data
    2000 Bishops Gate Blvd.
    Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
    phone: 856-222-7006

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