Multi-Function Device Modeling: MFD> Teleconference 8/23 at 3pm EDT

MFD> Teleconference 8/23 at 3pm EDT

From: Zehler, Peter (Peter.Zehler@XEROX.COM)
Date: Mon Aug 20 2007 - 09:12:17 EDT

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    Below are all the details for Thursday's MFD teleconference. Please
    take some time and review the document before the meeting. I have
    incorporated the comments we have received and we can discuss those at
    the teleconference.
     I will be hosting a Live Meeting for the review and to provide a
    graphical view of the associated WSDL/Schema when necessary. I have an
    updated schema based on the last teleconference. The updated schema has
    been posted. The updates include the change from a Job Queue to
    ActiveJob and a JobHistory lists for each service. The
    DefaultJobTicket was added to all services and processing defaults
    removed. I have not addressed the replacement of processing supported
    with capabilities yet. (I did add the empty element to the Scan Service
    to generate the diagram for the specification)
    If this is your first time using Live meeting I would recommend
    connecting 10 minutes early.


    PWG calendar:

    <> >


     1) Approve previous meeting minutes
     2) Agenda bashing
     3) Review and discuss updates to document

        3a) Start with existing issues and comments

     4) Review Schema changes based on last teleconference

     4) Discuss next steps



    <> >


    WSDL/Schema ( Still a very rough form and in transition. ):



    Live Meeting:

    Start Time: Thursday, Aug 23, 2007 3:00 PM EDT

    End Time: Thursday, Aug 23 , 2007 4:00 PM EDT

    Attendee URL:

    Meeting ID: PWGMFD

    Attendee Meeting Key: pwg-mfd-attendee



    Tele-Con Number:1-866-365-4406

    Pass Code: 2635888



    Peter Zehler
    Xerox Research Center Webster
    Voice: (585) 265-8755
    FAX: (585) 265-7441
    US Mail: Peter Zehler
    Xerox Corp.
    800 Phillips Rd.
    M/S 128-25E
    Webster NY, 14580-9701


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