MFD> Can someone please call IN to the Montreal conference and bridge?

From: McDonald, Ira (
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 14:07:02 EDT

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    The Cisco IP telephone system here in Montreal will not
    let us call any long distance number (even the IEEE 800
    phone bridge).

    So, would someone remote (Mike Fenelon?) PLEASE call us
    and then bridge at your end to a second line to the IEEE

    Number here in Montreal:

    1-514-340-4711 Ext 7468 (room 1034)

    Number of IEEE phone bridge:

    pw: 2635888

    (You will need the chair code which I can't send over
    email - call Montreal FIRST and get the chair code and
    then do the bridge).

    I (Ira) am in the adjacent room 1035 with the wrap-up
    of the Open Printing Summit.

    PLEASE send any notes to '' and NOT just to
    me - I may be offline and not see your note.

    - Ira

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