Multi-Function Device Modeling: MFD> Updated draft for MFD Scan Service is available

MFD> Updated draft for MFD Scan Service is available

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2008 - 12:39:05 EDT

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    The Scan Service specifications and associated Schema are in near final

    The current Scan Service model Document (.doc, and -rev.pdf/doc are also
    available) :


    The current PWG Scan Service/WS-Scan mapping issues document (.doc
    version is also available) :
    Note: All identified issues have been resolved.



    The MFD page on the PWG site <> has
    been updated. In addition to the MFD related documents and previous
    meeting minutes the current schema is available. It is available in a
    zip file or in HTML forms for browsing. The zip version contains all
    the schema, WSDL and an XMLSPY project file. One of the HTML view
    allows navigation through the model starting at its root. Another view
    provides a table of contents for all the schema files in the model with
    links to the actual schema file and to any of the types and elements
    defined within it. The remaining view covers the requests and responses
    for all the service's operations. (I just noticed that is currently
    broken and I will fix it later today)



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