Multi-Function Device Modeling: MFD> Reminder: MFD Teleconference, Thursday 9/4 3:00 EDT

MFD> Reminder: MFD Teleconference, Thursday 9/4 3:00 EDT

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Wed Sep 03 2008 - 14:37:07 EDT

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    There will be an MFD conference call at 3:00 PM EDT (12:00 PM PDT) this


    Note the NEW Teleconference number and access code are now used.

    Please contact me if you do not have the new number.



    1. Identify Minute Taker

    2. Approval of minutes from last F2F meeting

    3. Review last minute changes to Scan Service specification for last

           a) I'll give an overview of the changes

    4. Discuss recent changes to Schema for Scan service last call, addition
    of Storage, updates for Resource Service


    5. Review latest Resource Service Specification.>
    (.doc and rev versions also available

    6. Next steps


    Click Here to Join Live Meeting

    (Note: Live meeting recently released a new version. To save time
    before the meeting, check your system at



    Peter Zehler

    Xerox Research Center Webster
    Voice: (585) 265-8755
    FAX: (585) 265-7441
    US Mail: Peter Zehler
    Xerox Corp.
    800 Phillips Rd.
    M/S 128-25E
    Webster NY, 14580-9701


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