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From: William A Wagner (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2009 - 23:05:06 EST

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    The following questions/comments are a result of my effort to generalize the information for the overall MFD document. I acknowledge that the questions may be a result of my misunderstanding rather than an error or inconsistency in the document. But that may suggest that some clarification may be useful.




    Bill Wagner



    1. Line 2172 refers to an administrative RestartJob operation as does Fig 33 and Fig 41. . No such operation is included under interfaces. As described, it is unclear that a RestartScanJob has the same sense as the IPP Restart-Job (restart a job that is retained in the queue after processing has completed); indeed, it is unclear how RestartScanJob could have the same sense. Is there such an operation ?


    2. Line 1393 refers to Restart in the same context as Startup and table 1403 refers to a RestartScanService operation. . Line 2166 refers to a generic Restart. Fig 26, Fig 33 refer to a restart(), presumably RestartScanService. No such operation is included under Interfaces. Actually, I find the sentence starting “Otherwise, if the Scan Service needs a ShutdownScanService() operation…” on line 2165, confusing.


    3. One of the service states is TESTING. Fig 26 indicates that only way into testing is via a testing() request. No such request is identified. Should we indicate that testing() represents one of possibly several implementation dependent functions?


    4. In Fig 26, the only ways out of TESTING are shutdown() to DOWN and restart(), presumably RestartService, to IDLE. Again, is there a RestartService operation? Also, this diagram does not show the transition from UNKNOWN (initialization phase) that is identified in Fig 25 to be to DOWN; indeed, there is no entry to Fig 26. The Scan Service Theory of operation suggests that testing may take place in (or from) the Initialization phase (which right now only includes the UNKNOWN state.) The reference is the HR MIB statuses; but the draft does not cover the other HR defined statuses of RUNNING and WARNING. Does it make sense to mix IPP states with HR Device statuses? Do we really want to try to standardize Service startup and testing? I realize that this is a bit late in the game to bring up, but in considering the MFD overall case, adapting the IPP approach of just three Service states: Idle, Processing, and Stopped (along with an inherent Unknown) would seem adequate. If the Service is reporting states, “Down” and “Testing” are variations of the Stopped state covered by state-reasons; if the Service is not reporting state (i.e., is effectively ”Unknown” as far as the rest of the world) then the transitions and intermediate states can be considered implementation dependent. I recognize that this would affect ( It would also address most of the issues above.)


    5. Line 1077 and subsequent. I do not understand the reference to §6. (Console is discussed in para 2.2.12 of RFC3805)


    6. Line 1084 . Cover is not defined in RFC3805 except as part of General Printer. I suggest the reference be dropped.


    7. Line 1122; OutputChannelDefaultJobControlLanguage has a type interpreter?


    8. Line 1127; OutputChannelInterface has a type interface


    9. Line 1107; Interpreter is listed as not applicable to Scan Service. What subunit does formatting of the digital document?


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