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From: William Wagner (
Date: Wed Mar 25 2009 - 12:27:53 EDT

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    I have posted an incrementally updated but still preliminary MFD Overall
    document at , doc


     I have made some of the changes discussed at the February meeting, have
    done some reorganization, and have re-written some areas.

    I would appreciate comments on these changes before I continue. Please
    disregard for now that references and table/figure numbering is not in


    Changes are:

    1. First chapter is unchanged, but second chapter has some additional
    text on the MFD Semantic model and now incorporates the subunit
    descriptions. Some question areas are highlighted. The subunit section is
    largely as extracted from the Scanner spec, but with additional information
    on subunits not in the scan service. This information is still incomplete
    in several places. Note that the subunit section has largely replaced text
    paragraphs with tables. The schema diagrams from the Scan Service document
    are included, although I am not sure that that is necessary. If it is,
    additional schema sections for subunits not addressed in the scan spec will
    be needed.

    2. Chapter 3 reflects a reorganization of operation, state and
    transition material that was distributed at various places in the Scan
    Service document into one section. This reflects the major change in the
    document from the last version. The intent was to provide a higher level
    understanding of the models and how they operated before we got into the
    nitty-gritty of elements description. Again, I have put in more tables, and
    have taken some liberties with the Scan Service document text in an attempt
    to provide a consistent view. There are some question areas highlighted.

    3. Chapter 4 contains the elements descriptions. Although I have not
    completed this in all areas, I have converted element description text to
    tables. I need some feedback as to whether this works. There are still
    holes, particularly in elements in the schema that were not covered in the
    scan service document.

    Many thanks,


    Bill Wagner

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