MFD> MFD Resource Service Prototype Draft to end next Friday before PWG Last Call

Date: Thu Mar 26 2009 - 17:34:52 EDT

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    Dear All,

    The PWG final vote for the Scan Service Specification will end April 3rd -
    next Friday. The only changes to the last updated Resource Service
    Prototype draft are the state changes to State Transition tables and
    diagrams, in coherence with the Scan Service specification.

    This is a reminder for you to review the changes in the Resource Service
    Prototype draft, and make your final comments as a working gorup member by
    April 3rd next Friday. Please send your comments to, or any of
    the editors on the draft.

    If there is no further comment, we plan to advance the Prototype draft to
    Stable draft and announce the PWG-wide Last Call for Resource Service.

    Here is the Resource Service draft version you should review:

    The version with revision marks:

    The version without revision marks: (.doc)

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