some comments on the MFD req doc


I would like to get feed back on my initial review of the definition section in the requirement document.   If I have the wrong understanding of these, I may interpret the remainder of the document out of context.

Page : Line             Comment

6 : 168-169     Are we only considering office and production environments?  Are there any additional considerations for environment or applications such public access or hand-held device environments?  Is there is a case of a public access scan-service? Is there is a case of pda/phone interfacing with an MFD. 

6 : 169 What is an  "... on-ramp ..." ?   "document on-ramp scanning" -->  "document scanning".

6 : 171-172     Is the interruption of a scan job based on the size (large/small) or is it based strictly on priority?  I would say strictly on priority.

6 : 172 The statement the "... model can support..." implies an optional support issue.  That is an implementation decision; but the model will either support something or it doesn't.  So if we're supporting this, then the wording would be "model supports"

6 : 172 Suggest rewording; " For multi-document batch scanning, the model can support..." to The model support multi-document batch scanning...".

6 : 173 "When necessary, the model can be extended to support..." Again, the " The model supports..." and decision on whether is does or not is an implementation detail.   If the model, in this version of the document, will not support security then the statement should be removed.

6 : 178-180     The statement starting with "Currently ..."  I believe could be removed.

6 : 190-192     "Scan Job Ticket" "Scan Job Ticket (software)..."

        Add new definition for a physical Scan Job Ticket that is placed on the scanner.

        "Scan Job Ticket (physical) - A encoded sheet of paper the contains... (same as "Scan Job Ticket (software)..." ) (new last sentence)  The content of the physical scan job ticket is configured by the user through direct markings on the encoded sheet of paper."

6 : 194 Can there be a physical Scan Job Template?   Like a fax cover sheet, it is located near the MFD.  The user fills out the template (instantiates the template to the physical Scan Job Ticket) and then places it on scan with their document.

6 : 205 Scan Service -  The process of accepting a Scan Job Ticket and based the Scan Job Ticket will setup the scan device, invoke a physical scan operation of a hard copy document and store the digital output.

6 : 205 is a "digital document" all encompassing of both digital image and/or digital text?  Is the phrase "digital content" better?

6 : 216 Since an image is not the only possible digital output

        "paper document being scanned" -> " scanned hard copy document".

6 : 221 "processing" is only post-process to the scan operation.  "Scan Intent - The preferences of the user for scanning, processing and storing of a scan job."  Isn't that just what a "Scan Job Ticket" is?

6 : 224         Isn't the "scan client" either the MFD user interface or the app on the pc setting up the Scan Job Ticket.  The Scan Service is the app (manager/controller) on the scan device executing the Scan Job Ticket.

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