Hi Nancy,
I just looked for the update to the Nov 1st Minutes, but the copy I can see on the ftp website doesn't have any red text.  And the modified date is still listed as Nov 2.
I know there have been some server difficulties lately -- can you confirm that the file you intended to load actually got there?

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Subject: MFD> update to November 1st teleconference meeting minutes

Dear All,

In the last teleconference there were a couple of comments on the meeting minutes for November 1st teleconference.
I have updated the meeting minutes accordingly and re-posted them (the .doc & .pdf files) to the PWG MFD web site.
The changes are highlighted in 'red'.

Here are the updated Nov. 1st teleconference meeting minutes:


Nancy Chen
Principal Engineer
Soultions and Technology
Oki Data
2000 Bishops Gate Blvd.
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Phone: (856) 222-7006 (desk), (856) 222-5148 (lab)
email: nchen@okidata.com