PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Printer Interoperability issues

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Printer Interoperability issues

PMP> Printer Interoperability issues

Lloyd Young (
19 Dec 96 16:34:41 EST

There are two issues that I wanted to address and get other opinions.
Bill Wagner asked about kibitzers attending the testing and do they pay.
Harry Lewis specifically asked about bringing a beta level of machine
to test which raised the question about a company bringing multiple
printer models. Chris and I have discussed these issues and came up
with the following proposal. Instead of the fee being a flat rate
per company, the fee would be on a per workstation basis. Stardust
Labs can support up to 30 workstation/test station slots. The
proposal would be that if a company brings one printer they would
pay 1 workstation fee. If a company brings two models they would
pay 2 workstation fees. A kibitzer (a person not associated with
a printer model under test) would be required to test (not just
watch) and would pay 1 workstation fee. This assumes that the
printer companies would be agreeable to ship additional printers
so the kibitzers would have a printer to test. The "kibitzer"
additional printers would be evenly distributed between the
printer companies willing to provide additional printers.

Harry, the answer to your question is yes, beta level printers are
welcome at the testing regardless of the payment plan decided upon.

There are three things that I want to solicit with this note:
1. Comments to this proposal. Please send these to the PMP
distribution list.
2. People who want to attend the testing as kibitzers. Please
send your name to me directly.
3. Printer companies that would be willing to provide additional
printers for the kibitzers. Please respond directly to me.

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