PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Interoperability Test Results Meeting in February

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Interoperability Test Results Meeting in February

Re: PMP> Interoperability Test Results Meeting in February

Lloyd Young (
16 Jan 97 14:25:42 EST

> For one thing, we have yet to nail down any kind of precise test plan
> (other than what I had already submitted way back in November, dealing
> only with the Alert Table), so it's a bit premature to assume how long
> it will take to perform whatever tests are defined.

Chris has published a test plan that includes everything including your
alert test plan. What is lacking is a timetable of what is going to be
tested when. I know Chris is working on this because we have had
a couple of conversations on this subject.

> In other words, I believe we can accomplish considerable interop
> testing in 2.5 days. On the other hand, I can also see us taking
> 2.5 YEARS if we try to perform all possible pertubations of the data
> model. I don't think we will be trying to do that...will we?

We should postpone any discussions about the length of testing
until Chris has completed the detailed timetable test plan. We
are planning on testing the complete Printer MIB. We will be
testing everything that the IETF requires.

> Let me say this. Interop testing without a debrief meeting to discuss
> results, resolve issues and provide clarifications is POINTLESS.

> Unless, of course, all we are trying to do is a "check off" of the
> IETF rule for having an Interop Test in the first place.

> So, exactly what is our goal for this testing?

We are doing this interoperability testing primarily to satisfy the
IETF requirement. We do expect to learn things in performing the
testing that are beneficial to all parties. If we had other objectives
in mind then the testing would be structured differently to satisfy
those objectives. I agree that a debrief meeting would have been
nice but there are other ways to accomplish the same results.


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