PMP Mail Archive: Re[2]: PMP> Paper Out with Tray linking - Alerts

PMP Mail Archive: Re[2]: PMP> Paper Out with Tray linking - Alerts

Re[2]: PMP> Paper Out with Tray linking - Alerts

Bill Wagner (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 13:08:34 -0500


I understand your point. Indeed, much will depend on how the Printer
MIB is to be used. Some have considered that the hrDevice portion will
be used by general network applications but that printer intense
management applications will use the printer Alerts table. Indeed, the
argument for some of the new objects was to facilitate application
awareness of an alert event.

There is little question but that the HR MIB does not address some of
the subtleties of modern high speed, multi-input printers. It would be
an interesting exercise to map the limited signaling available in the
HR MIB to the multitude of information/warning/alert events and states
that may be of interest. Indeed, Harry's suggestion of adding a byte
or two to the hrPrinterDetectedErrorState bitmap might be a way to do

On the other hand, the Alert Table was designed to address these
problems in fine detail.

Bill Wagner, DPI

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Subject: Re: PMP> Paper Out with Tray linking - Alerts
Author: "Gail Songer" <> at Internet
Date: 1/23/97 9:30 AM


I believe that if a tray is out of paper, then something should be reported in
the host resources table. It has been my experience that is better to provide
as much information as possible and then let the management app decide. We
should however, try to clear up as much of the mib as possible.

What should be reported in the following situations: a priner has legal in a
200 sheet tray but the two thousand sheet tray that is supposed to have letter
in it is empty. If a job want letter paper then in all probablity the printer
is going to stall waiting for letter to be loaded. If the printer has stalled
then it is in an error state, no paper. But what about if it is not stalled
waiting on the tray(say it pick the last sheet as the last page of the previous
job)? If the three hr variables are supposed to reflect the state of the
printer, and a management app is looking to those variable to keep it informed,
then they must report somethng, but what is the right answer?


On Jan 23, 10:38am, Bill Wagner wrote:
> Subject: Re: PMP> Paper Out with Tray linking - Alerts
> Certainly, the most useful outcome of the MIB testing should be an
> understanding of common usage, details which are not/cannot be fully
> documented but which should be handled in a uniform manner.
> Harry's question appears to me to relate to the more general question
> of 'printer' versus 'subunit'. If a printer has paper that can be
> used, it makes no difference that a particular tray may be out. The
> status of a given tray should be reported under the input subunit
> status indexed to that tray.
> The criteria for low paper is not explicit, so that the user may or
> may not report printer low paper under this condition. This fuzziness
> is perhaps appropriate to a warning condition. Certainly, it would be
> hard to quantify what constitutes a paper low condition.
> Paper out is somewhat easier to define. But to flag a paper out
> warning for a *printer* when the printer still has paper would seem to
> be very confusing.
> Although the February test will have lots to do, I think the handling
> of subunit status is a fairly wide open area for checking consistency.
> Bill Wagner, DPI


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