PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Updated "What to bring" list for Printer MIB InterOp Testing

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Updated "What to bring" list for Printer MIB InterOp Testing

PMP> Updated "What to bring" list for Printer MIB InterOp Testing

Lloyd Young (
27 Jan 97 17:00:45 EST

| It appears that there might be some time at the end of the 3 days
| to do some free form type of testing. If it is possible, I want to
| make sure that we have the hardware that might be required.
| Therefore I have added items 7 and 8.

| Another side note: Stardust is limited on their number of outgoing
| phone lines (Chris thinks they may have one outgoing line). There
| are public phones available but a fifteen minute walk away. Therefore
| if you think you need a phone handy for getting questions answered,
| I would suggest bringing a cellular phone with you. If you do not
| have one available, we have found two places to rent one. They have
| 800 numbers, tell them the location where you will be using the phone,
| and they will send one to you. Following are the details:
| 1. Action Cellular Rent A Phone WorldWide - 800-727-0600
| $1.95 per minute to calls anywhere in the US. There is a
| 3 minute minimum per day. With no charge for the phone itself or
| for long distance calls. A deposit of $500.00 on your credit card
| is required. There is a charge of $20 for delivery to your location.
| 2. Cellular Phone Rentals Road & Show - 800-800-9291
| Same as above except a deposit of $250.00 rather than $500.00 is
| required. The charge is $10.00 for delivery to your location.

As we continue to prepare a detailed test plan, we may come across
items that we need to add to this list. When this happens, I will update
the list and send it out to you again (with the addition marked with a
vertical bar '|').

Here is the complete (as far as I know it) list of what to bring for
each printer company to the InterOp testing:

1. Printer with Ethernet 10 Base-T inferface.
2. Notebook computer with Windows 95 and an Ethernet 10 Base-T
interface card with the TCP/IP stack installed.
3. One optional feature in a particular category for the
What I mean here is that if you have 4 optional input
trays for this printer that are essentially identical
then there is no need to bring all 4. However if you have
an optional feature that feeds paper and another optional
feature that feeds envelopes then you should bring both.
If you have optional memory features for your printer of
4MB and 8 MB then there probably is no reason to bring
both features but you should at least bring one of them.
4. Supply items (for example, toner cartridges) that are
nearly empty (to test "low" warning alert conditions).
5. Supply items that are empty (to test "empty" error alert
6. Capability of changing paper sizes for a single input source.
We need to be able to test how a printer handles a
configuration change and changing paper size appears to
be the easiest thing to do across all printers. We will
not be printing on a different size paper (so you do not need to
bring different sizes of paper) just make sure that you
bring whatever is required for your printer to recognize
a change in paper size.
| 7. Hardware that allows you to generate as many alerts as
| possible on your product.
| 8. Hardware that allows you to generate any specific condition
| that you have a question about.

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