PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Next PMP Conference Call

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Next PMP Conference Call

PMP> Next PMP Conference Call

Lloyd Young (
20 Feb 97 16:17:21 EST

We completed the review of the MIB Walk Results in the conference
call today. If my count is correct, we have 6 clarifications to the
Printer MIB from reviewing the MIB walk.

The next PMP conference call will be on Wednesday March 5th from
2:00 to 4:00 PM EST (11:00 AM to 1:00 PM PST), access code: 820010,
phone number: 423-673-6717. The purpose of this call is to finalize
the printer state conditions (err1.txt) published in e-mail dated
2/18/97 from Chuck Adams. An updated copy of the pdf file has been
placed on the PWG server. There were minor formatting problems in
the original pdf file. The complete URL address to this file is Discussion
regarding these conditions and resolution of most open issues
should occur via the mailing list. The purpose of the conference
call is to resolve any open issues that cannot be closed via the
mailing list.

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