PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Top 25 review

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Top 25 review

PMP> Top 25 review

Harry Lewis (
Thu, 27 Feb 97 18:28:27 MST

Sorry it took this long to get to my review. Here's my comments on the top 25:

1. RFC1759 is quite clear that whenever hrDeviceStatus is
DOWN (5) that hrPrinterStatus should be OTHER (1) (exception
is ╩moving-off-lineż which I bet not many printers have
implemented today. We followed this specification. The chart
we˝re working with, however, calls for 3/4/5 everywhere. I
do not think this dramatic a change from the specification
is warranted or necessarily buys us anything.

2. On Jammed With Media Path, I believe Jammed should be (4)
not (8)

3. On Cover/Door open, I believe Door Open should be (8) not

4. On Jammed with Media Path, I think we should ass a note
to acknowledge that Jams can happen other places, like input
and output and, if detected, the table entry should be
identical except for the appropriate prtAlertGroup and

5. Tray Missing - we use 128 instead of 64. Otherwise, alert
code is only thing that distinguished Tray missing from our
of paper. Yes, 128 is the same as paper low but, here, the
subUnitStatus will be different. I see how Chuck viewed it,
however. Tray missing critical is 64 (paper out) and tray
missing warning is 128 (paper low).In any case, I think the
best thing to do is define a new bit.

6. I recommend the following new and additional
hrPrinterDetectedErrorState bit definitions

Condition new hrBit Today˝s mapping
--------- ------ ---------------

inputTrayMissing 8 noPaper or lowPaper
outputTrayMissing 9 Service Requested
markerSupplyMissing 10 noToner
outputNearFull 11 Service Requested
outputFull 12 Service Requested

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems