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PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Alert Conditions

PMP> Alert Conditions

Evan Goldey (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 14:24:50 -0500 (EST)

There is a condition that exists for printers that have multiple inputs with
or without linking. I will post my proposed Printer Conditions for the six
items in Chuck's table and then explain some of the conditions that these
settings represent.

General Printer Status
hrDevice hrPrinter Detected
Status Status ErrorState prtAlertGroup prtAlertCode (PrtSubUnitStatusTC)
warning (3) idle (3) or No Paper (64) input (8) subunitEmpty(13) prtInputStatus
printing (4) or inputMediaSupply (3 +16+ On-Line+
warmup (5) Empty (808) Transitioning )

The above table is identical to the Input Tray Empty except that the
hrDeviceStatus is warning. This more accurately represents a printer
with multiple inputs in which one tray is empty but others still have
paper and the printer is able to print. This is especially true
if the trays have different sizes of paper installed.

Example 1: printer with two tray
Tray 1 has letter
Tray 2 has legal

Tray2 runs out of paper but the printer is still able to print from Tray1
and the printer is NOT currently trying to print from Tray2.

It is not really acurate to say that the printer is down because it
can still print letter size jobs. The printer is not really low on paper
because it is out of an installed size and if that size is selected the
printer will immediately go to a down condition. There also may be lots
of paper in Tray1.

Example 2: same as above but more real world
Kiosk printer with two trays
Tray 1 ( 250 Capicity ) holds letter paper for printing extra coupons
Tray 2 ( 1000 Capicity ) hold special Gift Certificates that can be purchased

Tray 1 runs out of paper.

The Kiosk operator wants to continue printing Gift Certificates since they
are available. This is what generates income not the free coupons. The
operator does not what to make a special trip to fill Tray 1 becasue that
also costs money. The operator would like to wait unitl the Gift Certificates
get to a LOW condition and then make one maintenance visit.

I am interested in hearing what others think about this and if it is
applicable to their machines.