PMP Mail Archive: PMP> cover -v- interlock

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> cover -v- interlock

PMP> cover -v- interlock

Gail Songer (
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 13:39:29 -0800

So I am trying to explain the common printer mib some native Japanese speakers.
This experience is truely an eye opener; some of the phrases that we use to
describe the system don't translate well.

Currently I seem to have a problem with door and interlock and, unfortunately,
1759 does not define the terms. Can anyone supply a good definition of the

My attempts:

A "door" is something that protects the mechanical insides of a device.

An "interlock" connects two components of a device or two devices. An example
of an interlock is mechanical latch on an optional sorter that connects the
base printer with the sorter.



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