PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Comments on 3-14-97 Printer MIB Draft

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Comments on 3-14-97 Printer MIB Draft

PMP> Comments on 3-14-97 Printer MIB Draft

Bob Pentecost (
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 09:33:32 -0700

Thanks Randy for the updated Printer MIB document. It's good to see what's
been updated, in spite of the line wrap problem making for tough reading.

I have the following four comments:
(page references are to the ones printed in the document)

1) (page 110) Is there a problem with having quotes within a DESCRIPTION
field? See prtConsoleDisable for an example.

2) (page 110) prtConsoleDisable: The DESCRIPTION does not have information
for the values operatorConsoleEnabledLevel1(5),
operatorConsoleEnabledLevel2(6) and operatorConsoleEnabledLevel3(7). The
following (as agreed at a PWG meeting) should be added:

If the object prtConsoleDisable has the value
'operatorConsoleEnabledLevel2' or 'operatorConsoleEnabledLevel3'
then limited input is accepted from the operator console; the
limitations are product specific, however, the limitations are
generally less restrictive for operatorConsoleEnabledLevel1 than
for operatorConsoleEnabledLeve2, which is less restrictive than

3) (page 127) prtInputSwitchingGroup: Object prtInputManualFeedTimeout
should be prtInputMediaLoadTimeout.

4) (pages 76-77) Input Switching Group: These objects have been worked over
on the mailing list quite a bit, mainly by Angelo Caruso (Xerox) and
myself. The agreed upon changes can be found at which is repeated
below (without revision marks).

-- The Input Switching Group

-- The input switching group allows the administrator to set the
-- input subunit timeout for the printer and to control the automatic
-- input subunit switching by the printer when an input subunit becomes
-- empty.
-- This group is optional. However, to claim conformance to this group,
-- it is required to implement every object in the group.

prtInputMediaLoadTimeout OBJECT-TYPE SYNTAX Integer32 MAX-ACCESS read-write MIN-ACCESS read-only STATUS current DESCRIPTION "When the printer is not able to print due to a subunit being empty or the requested media must be manually loaded, the printer will wait for the duration (in seconds) specified by this object. Upon expiration of the timeout, the printer will take the action specified by prtInputNextIndex.

The event which causes the printer to enter the waiting state is product specific. If the printer is not waiting for manually fed media, it may switch from an empty subunit to a different subunit without waiting for the timeout to expire.

A value of (-1) implies 'other' or 'infinite' which translates to 'wait forever'. The action which causes printing to continue is product specific. A value of (-2) implies 'unknown'." ::= { prtInputEntry 24 }

prtInputNextIndex OBJECT-TYPE SYNTAX Integer32 MAX-ACCESS read-write MIN-ACCESS read-only STATUS current DESCRIPTION "The value of prtInputIndex corresponding to the input subunit which will be used when this input subunit is emptied and the timeout specified by prtInputMediaLoadTimeout expires. A value of zero(0) indicates that auto input switching will not occur when this input subunit is emptied. If the timeout specified by prtInputLoadMediaTimeout expires and this value is zero(0), the job will be aborted. A value of (-1) means other. The value (-2) means 'unknown' and specifically indicates that an implementation specific method will determine the next input subunit to use at the time this subunit is emptied and the timeout expires. The value(-3) means input switching is not supported for this subunit." ::= { prtInputEntry 26 }

"See you" at the phone conference on Friday.

Bob Pentecost HP