PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Comments on New MIB Draft

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Comments on New MIB Draft

PMP> Comments on New MIB Draft

Ron Bergman (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 18:34:43 -0800 (PST)

Here are my comments on the Printer MIB draft for Fridays conference
call. Some of these are nits but I feel they should be discussed
and do offer some improvement to the MIB.

chPort9100(11) should either be deprecated or the description should be
changed to the previously agreed text:

-- Bi-directional printing protocol
-- utilizing TCP port 9100 for
-- job contol and page description
-- language (PDL) data.

The description for chAppSocket(12), as previously agreed, should be:

-- a bi-directional, LPD-like
-- protocol using 9101 for
-- control and 9100 for data.
-- Adobe Systems, Inc.

The end of the description of prtConsoleDisplayBufferIndex and
prtConsoleLightIndex should read:
"...values are normally expected to remain stable across
successive power cycles."

prtInputDefaultIndex was moved from the Input Group to the Responsible
Party Group. This appears to be incorrect.

prtConsoleEnable ::= { prtGeneralEntry 13 }
prtGeneralStartupPage ::= { prtGeneralEntry 16 }
What happened to 14 and 15? Is there a reason these were skipped?

prtGeneralAdminName, prtGeneralSerialNumber, prtAlertCriticalEvents,
and prtAlertAllEvents are defined in the Auxiliary Sheet Group. But
the Conformance section shows prtGeneralAdminName and
prtGeneralSerialNumber in the General Group and prtAlertCriticalEvents
and prtAlertAllEvents in the Alert Table Group.

Ron Bergman
Dataproducts Corp.