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Bill Wagner (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 03:24:23 -0500

I apologize for not providing comments sooner, but man and nature have
conspired against this.

Although I will be providing more comments later, I wish to observe
that section 3. of the draft, Groups from other MIB Specifications,
appears to have some of the revised text I had provided, but not the
bulk of it. The result is inconsistent, among other things referring
to a 3.4 that does not exist.

I continue to believe that the relation of the printer MIB to the
groups of the other referenced MIB's is inadequately defined. I will
recover and resubmit the text I had proposed for inclusion in section

Although I understand that it would be inconvenient to remove the
references to MIB 2, I believe it must be clarified that the relation
of the objects in the system group of MIB 2 to the printer is
indeterminate in that the actual network interface may or may not be
considered part of the printer. Each of the objects in the system
group is, in effect, superseded by other objects in the HR NIB or the
Printer MIB. Further, I think that some attempt should be made to
dispel the confusion of the relation of the Interface group to printer
interfaces (versus 'system interfaces').

Bill Wagner, DPI