PMP Mail Archive: PMP> jmGeneralLeastActiveIndex

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> jmGeneralLeastActiveIndex

PMP> jmGeneralLeastActiveIndex

Harry Lewis (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 19:21:17 -0400

Epilogue: Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

There was quite a bit of discussion upon adding this to the jmGeneral table
last week in Austin. After reviewing back here, we still don't see how this
value serves it's purpose. Does someone have a write-up of exactly what this
object is supposed to do?

We feel another object is also required... basically something like
jmGeneralHighestActiveIndex otherwise it is very difficult to avoid walking the
whole table.

We feel that these should be named


this helps get around the wrap problem.

Using these two objects, an application should be about to determine where to
start in the table (Oldest) and where to stop (Newest) and should also know
there will be a wrap if Newest is a smaller number than oldest.

I don't think we felt we'd fully solved this problem in Austin. If we did, can
someone explain how it works?

Harry Lewis.