PMP Mail Archive: Re[2]: PMP> Novell Channel Type Info -Reply

PMP Mail Archive: Re[2]: PMP> Novell Channel Type Info -Reply

Re[2]: PMP> Novell Channel Type Info -Reply

Bill Wagner (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:35:01 -0400


It would very much help to understand the specific purpose of a
suggestion such as you have made. At this point in the printer MIB
development, it is not a question of whether more information is or
could be useful; is it necessary?

Bill Wagner, DPI/Osicom

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Subject: Re: PMP> Novell Channel Type Info -Reply
Author: JK Martin <> at Internet
Date: 4/17/97 11:14 AM


You've raised a very critical issue with respect to specifying the
underlying transport associated with the print service (aka, Channel).

It would seem pretty useless to only specify (IP) when the service
requires, say, ONC RPC, as opposed to, say, DCE RPC. This leads me
to suggest that if service requires only a simple TCP stream connection
(ala Port 9100), then we should define a "transport" called something
like "Raw" to raise the abstraction and allow RPC-like mechanisms to
share the same conceptual space as raw stream connections.

Comments on this idea are greatly appreciated.


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